This is just about my favorite page on the Internet these days: Johnny Air Cargo’s SHIP A PACKAGE page. Why is this simple page my favorite page these days? It’s because with this simple page and it’s simple service I am now able to shop at eBay with sellers who ship ONLY to the United States.

That has opened dozens of stores for me, since the Philippines is often found in the exceptions list of where a seller does ship to Asia worldwide. I can even avail myself of the free shipping offered by a lot of sellers, which of course, applies only when shipping is within the 48 contiguous states.

This has also solved my problem about buying pre-owned electronics and gadgets that are still taxed if it goes through the local post office. That is, if the items get here at all. I still remember one time several years back when a friend in Italy sent me, among other things, a rosary packed with a bag of Italian ground coffee, and a few other keepsakes. Only the coffee made it to the Philippines.

From then on I was wary about having stuff shipped through the post office, especially since they’ve put a BIR representative in ours. This woman insists that printouts of PayPal and eBay receipts are provided when picking up a shipment, no matter how small, that was purchased in that manner. I have a book that I have yet to pick up but havent, because I have no printer as of the moment and cannot bring her the printouts that she demands.

Johnny Air Cargo has changed all that. I only needed to add the address they provide to my eBay details and make sure that the seller ships to that address. I then inform the contacts at JAC of my order, and the rest is handled by USPS and JAC. Thank goodness my friend Cora decided to use them when sending over the stuff I ordered for Maia’s birthday through JAC. The contact persons are communicative and are quick to update me on the status of my items. And the shipping costs are quite nominal, with a small surcharge for items such as mobile phones.

I am now waiting for my latest purchases to arrive. So excited already =)

Just JAC It!

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