I remember my aunt’s old house in Quezon City had asbestos ceilings. When she learned that asbestos could cause Mesothelioma she had them torn down and replaced with plain plywood.

I remember the mess it made when the workers were tearing it down. I thought asbestos was like wood, I had heard enough discussions among the grownups about asbestos and how safe it made the house against fire. But when I saw the fibrous substance that didn’t at all resemble wood I was confused.

Later reading led me to discover that asbestos exposure is a health concern when high concentrations of asbestos fibers are inhaled over a long time period. I imagined how long the house had been standing, and how long we had lived there, and even if it was the ceiling certainly minute parts of it slowly wafted down each day for us to inhale.

It was a good thing my aunt had it replaced eventually.

What I found out about Mesothelioma

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