My husband and his friend was talking about what good mothers day gifts his friend could buy for his wife. My husband suggested an iPad2, since his friend was quite well-off and his wife could use it in her work. His friend wasn’t all that tech-savvy and asked him what an iPad could do. My husband said to him, it’s like an iPhone, only bigger.

I have an iPhone. It’s old and definitely not top of the line, but I love it. I’ve even managed to jailbreak and customize it by myself, instead of relying on the Mall jailbreakers who will charge me at least 500 pesos to do so. It’s a fascinating phone.

I don’t know if my husband’s friend bought that iPad for his wife. But sometimes when the green monster rears its ugly head I wish … I wish my husband would do something similar for me. That’s not likely going to happen though, not in the current financial situation we’re in.

iPad for Mom’s Day?

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One thought on “iPad for Mom’s Day?

  1. At first I wanted an IPad but then I later on, I realized that if I added 5000 kroner more, I would have a MacBook. 🙁 I hope my husband would also give me one when times are better….

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