A few months ago I had the opportunity to shoot the product line of a local outdoor clothing shop. They carried outdoor shorts and pants, as well as a variety of backpacks quite similar to the ones that you will see on Mountainsmith Backpacks.

The quality the clothing and packs displayed was remarkable considering the price range they had. The best part of the shoot was when they gave me a pair of shorts from their lineup. I found them to be comfortable, with pockets angled for easy access.

I asked them where they obtained the material they use to make the clothing items with, and they said they were actually large scraps of imported cloth, the same kinds that name brands used. So what their customers were getting were actually of the same material that known brands such as The North Face or Columbia were made of, at a fraction of the selling price.

They do a substantial amount of business in the Visayas and Mindanao, where sales is more than double than they are in the capital. Their sales agents are always clamoring for more stock. Apparently their customers buy up their stock faster than they can produce them.

Locally made backpacks and outdoor apparel

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