The United States Postal Service rocks. Especially its Tracking Service. I’m not a US resident but I happen to like shopping on eBay, and there’s no better way to reassure myself of a purchased item getting to me that seeing it go on its route through the USPS.

If, for example, I pay for multivitamins from an eBay shop, I could, from the time the seller ships it to the time it is processed through the USPS and delivered to my US address (yes, I’ve found a way around that).

I tracked the Leapster 2 unit and game cartridges I bought for Maia’s birthday through the USPS Tracking Service, and I found it just fascinating that I can tell which part of the states my purchase was at any given time.

Just recently I found that they even have an email service. If you enter a tracking number into their Tracking Service page, after telling you where it is, it will also offer to send you email for each update there is about your package. It can also send you historical data on your package.

Now that is neat.

I *heart* USPS Tracking

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