I have always wanted a Danboard, also known as a Danbo, ever since I went into photography. But when I first learned about them they were so expensive and out of my financial reach. That was two years ago.

Danbo from Japan
These are two of the Danboards I worked so hard and waited for. There are two more exactly like them, below.


That was also the time when Danboards were very expensive, going for as high as 80 to 90 USD apiece for the regular sized one and about 50 USD for the mini version. Those that did not have the Amazon branding or had the 7-Eleven branding were even more expensive. I once saw a 7-Eleven Danbo sold for 250 USD in less than 24 hours after it was posted on eBay. Not long after that they all but disappeared from online stores.

But a couple of months ago I noticed a change. Danboards started reappearing, and at a much lower price than when I last saw them. Some of them were going for a “no-reserve” auction starting at .99 cents USD.

But here was the catch. The ones I had started to watch were all Japan-based sellers. But that really wasn’t a disadvantage for me, because the sister of a good friend of mine works in Japan, in the Gifu Prefecture. So I asked both of them if I could buy something from Japan and have it sent to Gifu Prefecture instead of directly to me. When they said it was OK, I then started messaging the sellers on eBay who were Japan-based and asked them how much for shipping to Gifu Prefecture.

This is where the fun started. Majority of them came back to me with hugely discounted shipping quotes, some with up to 70% less than if they were shipped to any other country outside of Japan. So I started bidding, with confidence, backed up by funds in my PayPal account earned by writing on the Internet.

The first one I won is a big Danbo, considered pre-owned because the seller had opened it once to take a picture. The second one was a mini that went for a no-reserve auction which I got for around 11 USD including shipping to Gifu Prefecture. The third and fourth ones were a big and mini set that sold for less than 80 USD including shipping, from the same seller who had auctioned the no-reserve mini.

My little Danbo family now sits in a nurse’s room in Gifu Prefecture, waiting for their trip to the Philippines. My friend’s sister comes home to the Philippines on the last week of June, and I must admit I am as excited to see my new Danboards as much as I am to welcome her home.

My Danboards =)

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  1. So amazing! You were so lucky to find them at these prices. I have yet to get one because of the prices to get them to the US 😯

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