I have been an eBay member since 2008. I have bought stuff there for my camera, my anime figure collection, a few books, an electronic toy and cartridges for Maia, and an iPhone. Apart from one purchase that went south but was immediately covered by eBay, I have had no regrets with anything that I had bought there.

You have probably read about how I lost the iPhone mentioned above. And I must confess, from then on I had been keeping an eye on eBay to see if the same seller had more of the same stuff.

An iPhone 2g 8GB in very good condition here in the Philippines sells for no less than 10 thousand pesos. I got the first iPhone user refurbished for 130 USD, which is a little under 6 thousand pesos. Now I am seeing iPhone 3G and 3Gs units in excellent condition for the same price. I do get a few droplets into my paypal account every now and then, and if I keep myself from withdrawing it to my bank account, I can have enough funds in it to bid with confidence for a 3g or a mint condition 2g 8 or 16GB.

Other than that I also found on eBay the spitting image of a National Geographic camera bag for less than half its price, without of course the National Geographic logo. But the appearance, quality and size appear to be the same. And I should not forget to mention that I still would like to become the happy owner of a Danbo, both the mini and the large one, perhaps a Danbo family consisting of a plain dad, Amazon mom and mini Danbo. I have them on my watch list too.

In fact I now have over 50 items on my watch list. Whether or not I have the funds to bid for any of them is beside the point. I am doing something that I would like to call trending — just observing for the next several weeks just how low prices can get, and if it’s true that you can just get lucky sometimes and win an item no one else has seen.

There are nights when I do lose sleep, even when I’m not bidding, just to see the last price on an item before the auction closes. There was one time when I was seriously bidding on an iPhone, but then realized that my daughter’s birthday was just around the corner and that she had been asking for a Leapster since last Christmas. I took the plunge and bought one online with her watching, and just for the heck of it bought two game cartridges for it because they were on sale.

I had asked a friend in the US to receive the items for me, and she in turn went to Johnny Air Cargo who for a minimal amount shipped me the items which I received 5 working days after it was sent. Then I discovered that Johnny Air Cargo will let you use them as a US address for online purchases and then will ship the items to you for the same minimal fees but with a few surcharges for expensive electronic equipment like brand new iPhones, iPads and similar items.

With this setup in place, my eBay addiction has grown stronger, and so has my willingness to keep up with my online writing. I have found a workaround for that dragonlady the BIR has put in place at our local post office, and I plan to use it for all its worth.

My eBay Watch Addiction

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