My teacher and friend Rolly Magpayo, bequeathed his Nikon N6006 SLR body to me in August of 2010. Actually he said he was going to give it to me earlier last year but I only got my hands on it at the D3K EB at the MOA. I showed up before everyone else got there, which was when Rolly handed it over, sans lens but with body cap.

CRP2 batteries
CR-P2 Batteries

The camera already had a roll of Kodak Color Professional ASA 100 film in it, which Rolly said was from several years back, but no batteries. It needed a CRP2/DL-223A battery, which was not all that easy to find. After a quick tour of the photography shops I found that Island Photo at MOA did have them, at P300 each (gulp). There are no rechargeable CRP2 batteries.

I quickly went through the film that was already in the camera, and came up with these, with the 35-105mm lens which was on the FM2 that I had brought along for show and tell.

Mall of Asia
taken just outside Island Photo

I couldn’t wait to get home and put on the 50mm f/1.8 on it, because I knew it would finally autofocus. And autofocus it did.

Panga ng dilis
Panga ng Tuna on the Grill

After that I put in a Kodak Ultima 100 and click click cliked some more.

Fake Greenwich Ad
Fake Greenwich Ad
EDSA Estrella
EDSA Estrella

Now that I know what it can do, I’m ready to take it out on the street. I’ve picked up a few rolls of Kodak Ultramax ASA 400 a few days ago. I wanna see what the N6006 can do with that =)

Oh, and I’ve named this camera “Kinse” after Joey Smith. That’s because it rocks even if it’s old. =D

Nikon N6006 a.k.a. Kinse!

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  1. No one in that photo is named Greg Morales, sorry.

    They were participants on a photowalk that I organized sometime last year, through Intramuros and on the now defunct Pasig River Ferry.

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