My husband and I are back on our cleansing diet — oatmeal for breakfast and dinner and a full meal for lunch. No more diet pills for me, after the experiences I’ve had. Nayong Pilipino is now also open so morning walks are back on the schedule as well.

It’s not just plain oatmeal though. We usually throw some fruit in. Bananas. Orange segments. Nuts when available. No milk and just a teeny bit of brown sugar to sweeten the deal. It’s amazing how filling oatmeal and fruit can be especially after a glass of coconut water or orange juice.

For the next two weeks. We’re actually halfway through the first week. I’ve not been as diligent with the walking as my husband is, but I make up for it with the afternoons I have to walk from my cubicle to the bus stop up in Diliman.

Oatmeal Yes Oatmeal

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