A Walk in the Vines

In my never ending quest to find good lighting solutions for my home I have tried everything to the DIY to the remotely affordable. Recently I have found another possible solution: sconces. A sconce is a wall-mounted light, pointing upwards, like a torch in a cave. It can provide both lighting and decoration at the same time. Our house has a long hallway that lead to the bedrooms, and sconces seem to be the answer to lighting it properly, without having to deal with installing fixtures on the ceiling, which happens to be too high for the normal height step ladder.

In fact, wall fixture lighting may indeed be the way to go for us, especially since they are easier to install, power and replace. The biggest problem we have in our house are the ceilings, which are eighteen feet high from the floor. When we had the house remodeled seven years ago the builders had used scaffolding to install the hanging fluorescent beams, and after they left we have had no access to risers that could help us replace the tubes that had gone out because of age.

With wall mounted lighting that problem is solved — although choosing the right designs, size and power would then be the next items to decide on. I had reserved one wall about 10 feet wide in the dining area to hang my framed photographs on. Since the only light now is the one over the dining table, the pictures I now have on that wall disappear into the shadows at night. Now I have discovered that there are actually picture lights that are wall-mountable that can provide directional highlights for framed photos and artwork.

Problem solved.

Off the Wall

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