Out on a Photowalk

I am fascinated by these little props that I can use to set up the Danbo photos I’ve been wanting to make. This particular one is a Pentax camera keychain charm, about an inch wide, and perfect for setups like this. I’ve been looking for something like barska binoculars too, so I can put one of the Danboru up on a tree with it.

I’ve been a frequent visitor to the flickriver danbo stream where I find ideas and inspiration to create my own Danboard scenes. My favorites are those by Randy Sta. Ana, Kiwi_Gal and excomedia. If it weren’t for these photographers I would not have fallen in love with the Danboard.

Out on a Photowalk

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One thought on “Out on a Photowalk

  1. That’s a cute Danbo picture! Definitely not a bad start! I’m a fan of Danbo photos too but I haven’t really tried taking one myself. I just love looking at the pictures. I want to start my own Danbo pictures too, soon. I will recycle those cardboard boxes at home.

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