I am slowly building my DIY home studio, here in the extension area of the house that we no longer use because of the leaky gutter on the roof. When it’s not raining it’s a perfect location for a studio. I now have a light stand and a shoot-through/reflector umbrella to complement my reflector. For backdrops I use either curtains or construction paper/cartolina.

What I would like to try next is some instant flooring, which can be achieved by a few meters of linoleum, or if I can find it, pergo flooring which can fit together like a puzzle.

My goal is to build a home studio for under PHP 5,000, lights and all. It should be good for portrait photography, and also product photography. For some reason I bought a halogen lamp a few months back, and I’ve thrown that into the kit as well, for hair lighting.

I’ve managed to come up with this on what I have. What do you think?

DIY Home Studio

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