Bob Munro is an executive who is stressed and facing the thread of losing his job and his lifestyle. His abusive boss Todd Mallory has hired a potential replacement to work in their company.

Bob has promised his wife Jamie, his teenage daughter Cassie and his young son Carl to spend vacations in Hawaii, but Todd requires him to prepare a presentation and attend a business meeting with the owners of a family company in a merging operation scheduled in the same period.

Bob hides the truth to his family, rents a recreational vehicle, presumably with rv insurance, and tries to convince his dysfunctional family that a road trip to the Colorado Rocky Mountains would be good to bring old values back to their family.

After many incidents and while in the trailers parking area, the rookie Bob is helped by the bizarre but friendly Gornicke family. They escape from the Gornickes and initiate a journey of difficulties and leaning, retrieving their forgotten family bonds.

A Hilarious Williams Film

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