Last Christmas I gave my husband a Samsung Ch@t GT-C3222 for a present. It was just what he needed, a dual sim phone that had both sims active at the same time.

After the initial confusion on how to best set the phone up, my husband had figured out the wallpapers and alerts and could immediately tell which sim he had active and could nimbly switch networks depending on the network that an incoming message was from, so that he could reply from the same network.

Things went well for a time. The phone had a Facebook app so he could keep track of his friends’ messages to him and he could also check his email using his sims’ load whenever he wanted to.

This morning however, disaster struck. He had turned the phone off to charge it last night, and when it finished charging he kept it off and went to sleep. This morning he found the Samsung logo blinking on the screen, and it refused to turn on. He tried taking the battery out for a few minutes and put it back in again. Same results.

It’s a good thing the phone is still in warranty, though. A thorough search of the internet revealed that this could be a software problem, and that he needed (well, that would mean me) to take it back to the shop and have it looked at. I suppose worst case scenario would be they would have to give him a new unit so bye bye to all the data stored on the original phone.

Will post findings here as soon as I have them.

Samsung Ch@t GT-C3222

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6 thoughts on “Samsung Ch@t GT-C3222

  1. hi,,,

    I’m using this phone. feels good n getting everything.. mail me i’ll give u full instruction,,

  2. hi,and how are you doing ?
    As you know I’ve just bought CH@t 322
    the seales man told me Icould have an incoming call on sim 2 while I am talking on sim 1,so I got happy but unfourtunetly it does not do that any time!!!
    or when I am using it as a GSM modem to connect to internet the could not accept any incoming call ,!!!
    do you think that it has some problem with softwere?

    Thanks A lot

  3. Hello Mr. Rasahid, I think you should take it back to the store and exchange it for a fully working unit. My husbands phone does every thing you described with no problems.

  4. I bought this phone just yesterday, Samsung ch@t5, seem the problems about this phone, despite correct login details I typed to the MSN, and yahoo comminication apps it always says invalid. I was able to login to FB and Twitter BUT, I could not receive notifications if my friends sent me direct msges or if they mentioned me on twitter and the twitter diappears everytime i update. (feeds appear upon loading the twitter upp but when it says “updating” only the status bar is shown and all the other updater are gone)

    I bought ch@t 335 because I wanted the social apps but they don’t really deliver. kinda disappointing. but it’s cheap and it battery life last long can still do a good job with call & text. when you buy something you really have to try it out first.

  5. Hi the_erwinator,

    We bought the phone because of the dual sim capability and because my husband wanted to try a qwerty phone for a change. The apps were actually a bonus, albeit a non-working one.

    Well sometimes they do work and sometimes they don’t. Some of this depends on the network that you’re connected to, and some also depends on changes happening on facebook, twitter and other sites that the apps we have are supposed to connect with.

    I think getting a wi-fi enabled phone with downloadable apps is better than getting the ch@t 335 for that purpose.

    But I also think Samsung is going in the right direction with their Duos technology.

    Have fun with your phone!

  6. Thank God im not alone 🙂 i have the same problem. i will exchange it for a new unit it’s also under warranty thanks for this!

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