A few years ago I was at the SSS office on Buendia Avenue, updating my status to self-employed. Among the people waiting there was an old lady, my guess was she might have been 50 or so, dressed casually but I could tell that she was rather well-to-do. She was rather friendly, and to pass the time she would talk to her seat mates on the left and to the right about why she was there.

She was claiming social security disability for her RSI (repetitive stress injury). Apparently she had been an office worker since college and had been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for the past several years. She wanted to know if she could avail of disability benefits, because the pain was so severe she could no longer work on a keyboard.

Unfortunately I never found out if the lady got her benefits. But as one who has been working over a keyboard for more than 20 years I think that I may be in the same boat as she when my time comes. I hope that by then our government’s SSS would not disappoint me.

Social Security Disability

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