Ok, so I’ve admitted to not knowing how to wear makeup and not wearing jewelry other than my wedding ring. On this post I will also admit that I have almost no interest in shoes, unless they’re Merrell hiking boots. I definitely do not own any steve madden shoes nor do I see myself wearing anything like it. Not because of the maker’s criminal history but mainly because I will die after five minutes in high heels.

Shoes have always been an issue for me, from the time my aunt discovered that I walked like a duck, with toes pointed outward and a tendency to sway from side to side while I traversed the sidewalks in front of her. The remedy she implemented was to buy me two-inch-heel step-ins which among other things, taught me how to walk like a model, one foot in front of the other. While I do not profess to have learned to walk the way Michael Caine taught Sandra Bullock to walk in Ms. Congeniality, I must admit the remedy worked to a certain point.

I no longer waddle, but walk with model like accuracy, in my steel toe boots =)

A Crisis of the Sole

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