It’s been quite some time since the company I used to work for went window shopping for alternative web hosting companies to the ones that we already patronize. In the months before I left we seemed quite happy with the web host that we had been on for the past three years. Prior to that we had tried Network Solutions, and even before that we had stayed with for about five years.

We left at the time when things were about to change for them. Unfortunately we were not at in a position to find out how things were going to change. I haven’t looked in on them in quite some time, so I was quite surprised to see them looking like this:

WOW. They’ve gone quite a long way from the green stripes and tiny text from six or more years ago! This NEW is flashy and and fast and its pages load in a few seconds — a good indication that they can be and probably are one of the best places to look for managed hosting. A web provider’s site should reflect the efficiency of its services, and Superb’s new site does just that.

Now there’s one place we might recommend to our clients with a colocation requirement. Here’s one of a precious few web hosts offering a 100% uptime guarantee, when everyone else plays it safe with 99.9%. Superb boasts that your site will NEVER go down. That’s a huge promise, but it’s one that they probably can deliver.

It’s been years since we’ve put our trust in Superb. Maybe it’s time that we did so again.

Superb’s Superb Promise

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