Who would have thought that I would end up peddling tech jobs for three days, which was what I did when the company I used to work for joined a job fair a few years back. We spent very little on self-promotion, so we had no brochures or posters at the time. We had to make some really quick, and looking back I realized that they may have looked amateurish compared to the call centers booths that surrounded us.

We had advertised for every tech job possible within our company, a small systems integration firm based in Makati City, Philippines. Since most of the booths around us were for call centers, one of our thrusts was with our company you could work with a nice salary and still get to sleep at night. We did get a lot of resume’s from the event, I think we even hired a few if I remember correctly. What I do remember is how young the workforce had become, some of them were not even twenty years old at the time.

Tech Jobs

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