United American Tiki-Tiki is a multivitamin that has been around ever since I can remember. Babies of my generation were weaned on it, and Maia herself is still taking it.

Most vitamins carry a “No approved therapeutic claims” on their packaging and now I see them on Tiki-Tiki boxes as well. Since this tag merely means “(it) has not yet been determined by the FDA to be as proven and effective as advertised. — Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/775751.”

However, I do not need to depend on the FDA to believe that Tiki-Tiki has kept thousands of babies (me and mine included) strong, healthy and alert. You can tell me that it may still have happened without Tiki-Tiki, but Maia has not been a day without it, and I really can’t tell you that things may still be the same in a world without Tiki-Tiki.

Mothers just know.

Tiki-Tiki Babies

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