Now that I’m spending a lot more time at home I’ve been finding things around the house to practice my photography on. The most available — and enjoyable — items at home are my daughter’s (and sometimes even my sons’) toys.

Toys are easy to photograph in the way that you can position them in places where you can’t make a human model stand, like on a 6-inch wide table under sunlight, and they stay absolutely still waiting for the shutter click. They don’t even blink, so you don’t waste you shots. They respond very well to reflectors and other such light modifiers, they don’t sweat, and they don’t ask for frequent breaks.

It is also very easy to set them up in backgrounds that you don’t have to scout all over the city for. All you need is a good light source, a table and a frame to hang your backdrops on. My frame is usually a wide box that can stand on its edge, the backdrop is usually dark color cartolina or white reflective boards. I’ve even tried the silver insulators which as I have discovered gives great almost 3d bokeh.

Toy Photography

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