Happy birthday to me =)

Ok so what did I do the past year worth mentioning? Lemme see — I quit my job after deciding to go completely freelance. That was a real scary thing to do, but I had to do it sometime and I thought then was as good a time as any. For a couple of weeks it was touch and go; after my last pay ran out I realized I had to rely on my husband again for funds. Not a very pleasant thought for me, especially since I knew the funds are not that plentiful to begin with.

But shortly after that people started calling and messaging on Facebook, asking if I could set this or that up for them, like move websites to another server, figure out what went wrong after someone else moved their website for them, take pictures of products and food and put them into websites. I even went into a consultancy for a government funded project, which had me traveling for the last few weeks of my stint with them. I met a whole new bunch of very interesting people, characters I would never have met had I stayed in my cool but cozy cubicle on Estrella corner of EDSA.

Curiously though, with my diminished and irregular income, I managed to buy a few pieces of photographic gear, like a remote trigger for my Jurassic flashgun, a reflective and shoot through umbrella, holder and stand, and a nifty new large double sided reflector which allowed me to pass on my tiny round reflector to my son who has also gone into photography.

I have also, as a result of upgrading my equipment bagged a food shoot that eventually ended up in a huge tarpaulin banner at the taxi bay of the SM Mega Mall. Now that’s a first for me! There’s a couple more web projects that I’m excited about: one is a photographer’s new website which should be launched soon; the other is my own little project, finally online after years of just thinking about it — The Streets of Magellan.

So as I begin the first half of my 48th year and the second half of year 2011, I look forward to whatever else lies in store for me. I have a feeling that it’s going to be good.

On turning 48

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3 thoughts on “On turning 48

  1. we know the end from the beginning — it’s gonna be good because it begins with a declaration of it’s gonna be good. 🙂 ang kontra, pangeeet! 😀

    happy birthday, ate ganda! (yan! i read your facebook status. haha!)

  2. Hahahaha, Thanks for those encouraging words, jr3. And thank you for humoring this old lady 🙂

    I got a feeling … that this year’s going to be a good year …

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