Screencap from ABS-CBN News

The screen capture above is from ABS-CBN News. It is but one news item in the long-running discussion of wheter TV host Willie Revillame should be chastised for making a 6-year-old boy gyrate like a male stripper in front of a live audience and thousands of viewers across the country, with the promise of PHP 10,000 (USD 230).

On March 12, 2011 people all over the Philippines gawked at their tv stands while a six-year-old boy named Jan Jan danced, with tears in his eyes, danced in the manner of a stripper, later joined by the host himself. A video of this incident was uploaded to YouTube, where it went viral and proceeded to rake condemnation from all sections of society including that which the boy and his family are said to have come from. Accusations of child molestation were hurled at Revillame and at TV5 where the show airs on a daily basis.

Yet the boy’s parents aver that no abuse took place, that it was the boy’s decision to show his talent at dancing, and that there was no malice intended when they allowed the boy to dance on TV and that they did not think the dance was obscene.

Statement from Jan Jan's Parents

I am of the opinion that Willie Revillame should be kept in solitary confinement for the rest of his life, in a place where there are no doors or windows or any form of communication. The boy’s parents should undergo several years of therapy if not lobotomy. And Jan Jan should be assured that he will never ever have to do anything like that again. Parents who use their children to gain money, and not just the ones from Jan Jan’s sector of society, should start thinking like parents and make their own money. How they make it is none of my concern. It’s just not a child’s lot to be the breadwinner for the family.

Not a child’s lot

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One thought on “Not a child’s lot

  1. It is a campaign led by the Philippiness cultural and intellectual elite that smacks of self-righteousness and arrogance..I have a strong suspicion as well that the other networks particularly ABS-CBN where Revillame had come from and with which he is locked in a nasty legal battle over his show either have a hand in this campaign against TV5 or have been consistently fanning the flames thanks to a few noisy bloggers. The reason is simple TV5 is a threat to these networks particularly to ABS-CBN..But before anything else Id like to put on record again that Revillame ought to be punished for what he did to that boy.

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