No matter how many weight loss tips I find on the internet I will never lose as much weight as I need to get back to my pre-Maia weight, which was 115 lbs or so. I was fat at 120 back then. Now I don’t even want to know how much I weigh. I hazard it to be around 140 on a good day.

The thing is I refuse to exercise. I refuse to sign up for a gym and get a trainer. Maybe the word is not “refuse”, maybe it’s “can’t afford”. Losing weight costs money these days, if not for buying weight loss supplements then for signing up for gyms that have dress codes that you have to follow by buying expensive exercise gear.

The only thing that I love doing is walking. Walking with a camera is even better. Doesn’t have to be the DSLR, a good celphone cam is sufficient. I can walk for kilometers on end, with water stops in between, of course. All I need is a comfortable shirt, bottoms with lots of pockets and sensible walking shoes. Once I start walking it’s pretty difficult to stop.

At the end of every walk, I have lots of pictures, experiences and burned calories. I wish I could walk everyday. I will walk everyday one of these days, that’s one promise I make to myself.

Walking for weightloss

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