As an I.T. person I can say I’m all for exploiting all the conveniences that the Internet and VOIP can now offer, like web conferencing, shared calendars, push-email and the like. I’m sure there’s quite a lot of companies that are harnessing the potential power of these technologies. But the question is how many people are using them to their advantage?

All these blackberrys and iPhones and androids in the hands of users today — but just how many of them take full advantage of the power of their smartphones? Wouldn’t that be an interesting survey?

Then again on another tangent, some people (including myself sometimes) rely on the Internet too much to the detriment of effective communication. The failure that results ironically springs from the lack of internet or any other form of communication on the side of the recipient. I believe this happens mostly in corrupt 3rd world countries such as, sadly, our own.

IT to one’s advantage

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