One of the things I had to do in my previous job was to find the best website hosting options available, depending on a client’s needs. While I had a list of old reliable web hosts, sometimes a client’s budget fell short of his needs, or his needs weren’t big enough for my old reliables.

This is when sites like Webhostingfan come in handy and always save my day. Finding places to put clients in is difficult enough sometimes with having to look in so many sites to find the exact specifications. Here I can, at one glance and a few clicks, find what package is suitable. I can find out the monthly cost for each featured hosting service all neatly laid out in a column, arranged alphabetically, with a few special offer coupons on the side.

The site is not limited however, to finding the best by comparison. It also features news and in-depth articles on the latest events and developments in the IT world. Webhostingfan also features a blog where you can read about The Controversial WikiLeaks, or Understanding Virtualization and Disaster Recovery, which is a must-read for every IT company.

In summary, Webhostingfan may have a lightweight title, but it is certainly loaded with useful content and features that can help make any web administrator’s life much easier.

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