The very first post in my blogging life was sometime in October 2004. Now I realized I had my 1000th post around 9 posts ago, and didn’t even notice it.

Of course by this time it should have been more, if I had studiously posted at least once a day, this would be post 3000 something instead just 1000, so I’m really not one to brag. Quite a few things happened in between 2004 and now, significantly something called Facebook, which in my opinion has caused the dwindling away of many a blog, this one–for a time–included.

So here it is, post #1010. And try as I might I cannot think of anything substantial to post except about the non-summer weather we’re having and the non-existent swimming pool pump that we should have got for the inflatable swimming pool for which we have no space in this tiny tiny apartment. Tiny compared to our old house, anyway.

But I remain hopeful that in few weeks time things will change, and we will once again be where life had always been easier for my family.


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