It happens, you click on a Facebook friend’s status update and then it gets out of hand when too many comments, most of them from people who are not your friends, are logged. Used to be you had to visit the status update to click the Unfollow link. In fact there didn’t used to be an Unfollow link at all.

But now you can unfollow a post on the notification list that appears under the globe icon on your Facebook bar. How to do so? Check out the images below.

An X now appears on the top right corner of a notification, which if you mouse over will bring out a tooltip that says Unfollow. Click on the X and this happes:

Click on the Unfollow button. Just make sure it’s not a post from selmer paris. No, you don’t want to unfollow them =)

Once you’ve clicked the Unfollow link, you will see the message above … with an option to Undo your previous action if you’ve changed your mind within that time =)

It may have been the rolling out of this feature, as well as other new (and not as convenient) Facebook features that caused the errors reported by some users this morning.

A Quicker way to Unfollow in Facebook

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