An unfortunate incident at Cotabato’s Awang Airport — I was traveling alone with three hand carried items. I was waiting for my flight to board and was working on the macbook pro on my lap. I anticipated connecting to the airport’s wifi, but for some reason I couldn’t. A SMART Bro Rocket HSPA plugit was in the top pocket of my backpack on the seat beside me and as I tried to reach for it, the mbp started slipping from my lap.

It fell about a foot to the floor, with the front right corner hitting first impact. It has a nick now, to remind me of my foolishness. It kept working fine though, for about three days after, and then it started to behave strangely. It couldn’t properly install any program I attempted, and iTunes could no longer detect my iPhone even on the new cable.

I ran the disk utilities and was told that my HD needed formatting. As if it were that easy. What it was telling me was to buy a new hard disk. And install it myself, as it was no longer covered by Apple warranty. And since I had already opened up the unibody bottom and saw what was in there I thought it was time for a memory upgrade too.

My full story on the disk replacement and memory upgrade will be documented in a future post for But after I had brought all my programs back and retrieved my files from the old HD which gave me the great courtesy of allowing the transfer of my most important files and photos before succumbing to the need for reformat, I could not somehow appreciate any improvement in speed with the 8GB of RAM I had replaced the old 4GB modules with. The mpb was SLOW.

Google helped me after I typed in “macbook pro slow with 8gb ram.” It took me to a post on which contained steps on how to reset the parameter random access memory or PRAM. What does PRAM contain? Apparently it was thinking I still had 4GB of RAM instead of 8GB, even if the About this Mac screen was already declaring the new memory. The post on got the steps from this page on the apple support site.

Worked like a dream for me.

This is Bambit, just zipping along on my mbp.

After the crash

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