1. Sit at Conspiracy or 70’s Bistro and watch Noel and the guys show ’em how it’s done. I’ve never been to either.
  2. Go as far north as possible. Sagada maybe (paging Royskie Sadorra) or Bangui. Batanes will remain a dream for now.
  3. Go as far south as possible. Pico de Loro or some such place.
  4. Attend Ancom 2012 in CamSur with Cris.
  5. Hold that Danbo owners EB (hehehe, kasi pati sina Saito kasama sa Minda syempre)
  6. See ALL of the D60KREW in one place for the last time. One last photowalk (naks, senti).
  7. Sit at one table with Raul Echivarre, Rolly Magpayo, Larry Piojo & Jimmy Domingo, because I still owe them that drink I promised them for judging the Kelby Photowalk at the Nayong Pilipino.
  8. Make a quick trip to Cebu to see my favorite photographer Athelstan Emil Cortes and try on his 85mm Nikkor hehehe.
  9. And while I’m there, I should meet Jumps Malgapo, meanest paintbrush this side of the equator, and shoot some of his work.
  10. Sumingit sa Panagbenga. Now this is really pathetic. I had a son in Baguio for two years but I’ve never gone. Parang Hot Air Balloon. Eto naman kasing HAB, laging week ng birthday ni Maia, so no gala week yan for me.
  11. At dahil wala narin pala akong pag-asa sa Panagbenga, kahit isang festival lang … any suggestions? Anything happening before May? =)

… there’s more but right now this is all I can think of. Madadagdagan pa ito. As much as I can do in a hundred days.

Before I go back to Mindanao, I would like to:

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