The Facebook for WordPress plugin allows me to tag my Facebook Friends on this post. Let’s see if this works, and how it will appear on Facebook itself.

I will be tagging my husband and beta-tester Cris on this post. To do this I enter his name on one of the modules that have appeared on the right side of the post page, which offers a drop-down a few seconds after I type in the first few letters of his name.

How to Tag Friends from a Post

I can also make this post come out (if I understood things correctly) on any page on Facebook that I administer. So this should also appear on Against The Light, a Facebook page I made for my photography and writing services. The process is the same as above, only this time a more careful selection of results is needed, because the drop down list will show every Facebook page that has the words you type, not just the ones you manage.

I am now going to hit “Publish” and see what happens 🙂 Will keep you posted!

Checking out the Facebook for WordPress Features

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