The Department of Education (DEP-Ed) in the Philippines wants 2 million Filipinos to donate 10 pesos a day for 10 months to raise funds to build 10,000 classrooms in two years. This is so 6 billion (6,000,000,000) pesos can be raised towards building 10 thousand classrooms.

We have 280* (number rounded off to the nearest 10) congressmen, each receiving 140 million** a year in Pork Barrel funds (aka Countryside Development Fund or CDF). 280 x 140million = 39 billion, 200 million pesos (39,200,000,000).

6 billion pesos is only 15% of the government’s appropriation for pork per year. Instead of foisting another expense on the taxpayer in the guise of community awareness and service, why not take that 15% outright from the congressmen who should be building the schoolhouses in the first place?

Source of this rant: Filipinos challenged to mobilize resources for classrooms to be built nationwide

*actual number is 285 ( – 15th Congress)
** – ‘Pork’ in budget doubled

Dep-Ed needs 6 Billion Pesos

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