Before you go on any social network spreading something you think is really cool but with no scientific or factual background or source, better think twice about putting that name on your desk name plates on the line.

The latest going around FB purportedly has something to do with every SIM card having a “name” and says:

Did you know your sim card has its own name? Try this trick

… and goes on with instructions on how to bring up that name. I must admit I followed the instructions and indeed got two different names for the last three numbers of my mobile phone numbers (yes I have two numbers), but then again I thought if EVERY SIM card had a name, why would it just be the last three numbers and why won’t numbers with 0 as the last two digits NOT work?

And so I turned to google (my best friend) and immediately came up with this link:

What is actually occurring is some “shorthand” Facebook code. Every Facebook user and page are assigned a unique ID number. When that ID number is typed into a comment box along with the symbols described in the message it displays the name of that corresponding Facebook user/page. For example, typing in @[444:0] reveals the name of Facebook user with the ID number 444.

So, as I have advised every now and then through my years of blogging: Google is your best friend. And if anything smells fishy — it’s probably time to have kinilaw 🙂

Bet Your Name

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