I had written up a list on my Facebook notes, which I reposted here. As you can see I have marked off Item No. 3, because I have finally gone as far south as I can within the span of 1 waking day — Calatagan, Batangas.

I was with my photography mentor Rolly Magpayo, and another photographer Benedict Laig. We were going to shoot the pre-wedding photos of Rolly’s co-worker Eunice, a make-up artist that we had worked with in the last Amadeo strobist seminar, and her fiancĂ© VJ.

First stop on the road was Bag of Beans in Tagaytay, which at the time was serving breakfast to a wholesome crowd of families with babies in promenade stroller, and groups of friends with dogs and cameras.

The food was, in one word, awesome. Generous servings. Served hot off the stove in substantial porcelain plates that were almost as big as the table. The kapeng barako (native coffee) was even better than in any posh restaurant I’ve been to in Makati. But then again, this is Tagaytay.

Experiencing Calatagan

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