I won’t deny it, I’d been lusting after the iPad ever since its first iteration, but a severe lack of funds and confusion over the ipad vis a vis the cheap china droid tabs that proliferated at around the same time kept me from getting the apple product.

A year or so passed, and the iPad 2 came out, much better than the first one. A friend had one and I managed to get a first hand look at the way the photos displayed. Which was pretty much my intention — to have my portfolio of photos on hand for a prospective client to look at, easily with a few swipes of the fingers. I never got to buy that one too, mainly for the same reasons in the previous paragraph, but mainly because I was short of funds.

Then the iPad 3 came out, or as apple likes to call it, “The New iPad.” I had already resigned myself to never having that as well, and was quite happy with my iPhone 3gs. I had also joined this writing contest with high hopes, only to have them dashed when I didn’t even figure in the Top 6.

It was then when my husband told me not to be sad, because he was going to buy me the New iPad to help me get over the disappointment. At first I thought it was just a “trying to make me feel better” promise he had no intention of fulfilling right away. But I was wrong. Less than two weeks after he made the pronouncement, we walked to the nearest apple store and picked one up, the black frame one, of The New iPad.

I had barely touched it at the store, and had to quickly get photos of the unboxing just for posterity. After coming out of the apple store we went immediately into the nearest Capdase dealer, and had the service people there put on a screen guard and a black leather folder jacket with green felt lining on this new baby, just to make sure it does not get scratched or dinged. Maybe I shouldn’t have told them to be careful because the thing had just come out of a store a few paces away, because they were obviously quite nervous handling it. But the screen guard came on and so did the folder jacket and so now I have The New iPad guarded and jacketed and feeling real good in my hands.

So now that I have a new toy there’s more things to write about. Apps. Practical use. Why the iPad might be the best thing to happen for photographers (or maybe not). Thanks to my husband who never runs out of things to make me feel better 🙂

Getting The New iPad (iPad 3)

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