I have just found a way to reacquaint myself with a few of the classics I can no longer read, either because I don’t have the books anymore, or because my eyes can no longer stand the strain of reading one from cover to cover.

I can listen to audio books online, or download the Audiobooks app for the iPhone. Now I can actually “read” in bed again, to stay awake with excitement or to fall asleep, dreaming myself into the book.

My only issue would be the strain on my ears from the standard iPhone headset earbuds. They’re a bit too big for the way my ears are constructed. I once bought a pair of Pioneer earbuds. They were good, fit and sound-wise. They were so good my husband asked if he could have them. Of course I said yes.

Now that particular model is no longer being sold, and I’m about to go hunting for a good pair. Earbuds or headphones? I’m thinking headphones might do, because they would be too uncomfortable for me to fall asleep with them on. Unlike sometimes when I fall asleep with the earbuds still in my head.

Any suggestions?

In lieu of reading

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