Ok, I will admit I went through a couple of years of just buying food and no cooking at all. Seeing this on the grocery shelf sort of brought the memories back. Those were the days when my only ally was an electric thermos. It was good for instant noodles, and even boiled eggs if I put the eggs in the thermos long enough.

Those were the days when buying cooked food was a luxury, and all I had access to were cans and instant anything. I lived in a small studio type apartment on the second floor of a remodeled house just a few blocks perpendicular to EDSA. Right in front of the main gate was the Barangay Pinagkaisahan Hall, perhaps one of the biggest and most modern barangay halls I have ever seen, 4 stories high and with facilities such as a day care center and a lying-in center equipped with Howard medical computer carts, in addition to the administrative offices.


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