The following is an email I wrote to who I assume to be the managers of PIMICO Unified Cargo Services, otherwise known as PHILIPPINE INCUMBENT MARKETERS INTERNATIONAL CO. with a website at and a Sulit advertisement, where I found them.

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This is a record of my text conversation with your agent Jesa Villegas and of the receipt for P20,000.00 payment for a contract priced at P43,000.00 and the waybill she issued me on the 19th of April 2012.

The waybill clearly states that the ETA of the vessel is on the 24th of April, allowing a delivery to my house in Davao on the 25th of April.

However, due to delays in the vessel travel via Aboitiz 2GO, the delivery has been delayed to Saturday, 28 April. This is three days more than the 5 days that I was assured that my furniture and other effects will arrive at my house.

But that’s not where the problem lies.

Since I was already told that delivery will be on Saturday yet, I was out of the house gathering leads for my work the entire day of Friday. I am not in the habit of bringing large amounts of cash on me when I am out walking around the city, so I left the payment money at home.

Your agent Jesa Villegas (whose signature appears on the receipt) advised me only on Friday morning, 27 April, that I will have to make a deposit to a UCPB bank for the balance of P23,000. Now I strongly believe that this is something that should have been made known to me at the start. I was already out of the house and had NO idea where the UCPB branches are.

I had paid Jesa on the spot when she and her team packed up the container. I assumed that I was to do the same thing when the container arrived. I even remember asking her how I was to pay when the container was delivered to Davao, and she said I was to pay the ones who delivered the container. Apparently she was mistaken. I am sure this happened because otherwise she would have told me immediately how payment was going to be made then and there. I now get the impression that Jesa did not completely know your standard operating procedures when I spoke to her on the 19th of April.

As a new resident of Davao I have no idea where banks are or where they are situated in malls where they stay open past three in the afternoon.

When on Friday at 2pm she told me that I could go to an EASTWEST Bank instead it was too late for me to do anything. I was still out of the house and also had no idea where to find an EASTWEST Bank.

In other words — Jesa advised me TOO LATE of what I had to do in order for my container to be delivered on time.

Why was I not informed of this at the same time I made the payment, while I was still in manila so that the minute I arrived in Davao I could have found out where the respective banks were?

Why, AFTER SEVERAL DAYS OF DELAY am I expected to jump at the instant Jesa said I had to go to a bank?

Is this they way you deal with your clients?

NOW Jesa has advised me to use either LBC or Cebuana Lhuillier to remit payment.

This will cost me MORE THAN ONE THOUSAND PESOS in sending charges just to send you payment in a manner that should have been made known to me way ahead of time.

Is this the way PIMICO FORWARDERS / PHILINCUMBENT treats their small clients? Am I being subjected to this hassle because I am only a small customer? I agreed to your rates and to your promised delivery dates. I have the money on hand, but I REFUSE TO PAY EXTRA FOR MISTAKES THAT YOUR AGENT MADE.

I know that YOU KNOW YOU WILL ALWAYS BE AT THE WINNING END. Whether I pay extra via LBC or pay to the bank on Monday YOU WILL STILL GET YOUR MONEY before I get my container.

I am protesting not this fact, but the fact that MY TRANSACTION WAS POORLY HANDLED and that I DEMAND THAT MANAGEMENT do something about it other than just sit and wait for your money.

I demand that my container be released and delivered TODAY, 28 APRIL 2012, SATURDAY and for this I am willing to send payment via LBC but MINUS THE SENDING CHARGES.

I think this is only fair.

My Unfortunate Experience with PHILINCUMBENT / PIMICO Forwarders

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