Not the International Monetary Development Board, but the Internet Movie DataBase =) A few months ago they enabled their “Check-In” feature, which posts to one’s Facebook account a movie one has chosen to Check-in on, or watch or comment on at any given time.

This is how a check-in looks like on my Facebook account (see image above).

One can also include a comment or intro to the check-in, in this case my comment on the new James Bond persona or character, as played by actor Daniel Craig.

The remarkable element in the new Bond is the reality of violence and how it affects Bond himself. We see him getting beat up and feeling it. We see his face with cuts and bruises, we see slabs of concrete and shards of glass falling on him and cutting him, and he responds not with the glib smiles of previous 007’s but with grunts and grimaces. This new Bond is real.

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