What better time to start a Project 365 than on an auspicious day, a day I can never forget, my wedding anniversary?

To be honest I’ve never trusted myself on a long-running project. I like to finish things fast and put them away as soon as I can. A project 365, however, needs commitment and perseverance. And what the heck, if I can’t get commitment and perseverance out of me now, I don’t know when I can.

But then I read this post on Photopoly.net and I realized that I’d been burdening myself with too many preconceived notions about what a Project 365 should be, and that I was losing hope even before I started.

Don’t lose hope: Keep in mind that not all the pictures you take will look great. Many times you might not be able to get a good picture because of your busy schedule, bad lighting conditions and various other reasons. It doesn’t mean that you should stop. The important thing is that you take a picture every day; you will definitely get better at it … Read more: http://www.photopoly.net/project365-a-picture-a-day/#ixzz1kHJX4ZyL

So, today, on my wedding anniversary, I will start my project 365. Wish me luck 🙂

365-1: Fishing Islet on Coastal Road
365-1: Fishing Islet on Coastal Road

Camera: Samsung Chat GT-C3222

Project 365 Commencing

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