It all began with a video clip of news anchor Arnold Clavio, uploaded to Youtube by gmanews. The title of the video is “Pope Benedict XVI, tinuligsa ang same sex marriage sa kanyang New Year address.” (Pope Benedict XVI Denounces Same Sex Marriage in His New Year Address)

Some entity that calls itself Urbanmeter and its website an “Online Magazine, with free lifestyle content providing articles on Latest news, Entertainment, Power and Money, Dating and Sex” — obvious to any SEO writer as a mere moneymaking ads pit — posted an article claiming that the Pope and Archbishop Oscar Cruz said that “Infertile couples cannot marry,” using the archbishop’s “two will still be two” statement to imply that even heterosexual couples who are incapable of having children SHOULD NOT marry.

What is there that comes from marrying them? Nothing! They are two, they remain two, they die two.

We should not be too quick to react to an “article” with dubious intent and an anonymous source. I’m no fan of the Philippine Catholic Church myself, but fair’s fair. No one deserves to be castigated for something they did not say or do.

Putting words into the Catholic Church’s mouth

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