I know that stuff have gone missing from boxes shipped from abroad to the Philippines, especially from boxes of personal items. But to experience this loss from a company which we have trusted for more than three decades is greatly disappointing.

My aunt in the US has trusted Bayani Commercial from the time my eldest son was a toddler. Nothing has gone missing after dozens of boxes shipped from Kent, WA to Cebu, Manila, QC, Parañaque. But now, two valuable items were missing from the box I received.

I know it may not have been Bayani Commercial’s fault, but perhaps a third-party shipper here in Davao. But I imagine this may not be the only box they have shipped here, and I wonder if other Davao recipients of boxes shipped through Bayani Commercial have had the same experience.

I have sent an email complaint to Bayani Commercial and their Manila office. I know there is no way the items can be recovered, but I strongly suggested that they look to their 3rd party shippers who are giving them a bad name.

This is the content of my Email:

Dear Bayani Commercial Management.

My Aunt, who lives in Kent, Washington, USA, and I, here in the Philippines, have been customers of Bayani Commercial for more than a decade. You may check your records. My aunt, Teresita K Parks has sent me numerous boxes and even cash, and not one has been reported missing or tampered with.

Until now.

I have in my hands Waybill No. 2941, From Issuing Office: Lasir, Prepared by: Lisa. No date, no time. It had come from Kent, WA, landed in Manila, and then forwarded to Davao. The Waybill says MLA to DVO.

It was delivered with some tape over where the top flaps join, and bound with 4 strands of yellow flat cable.

The delivery men insisted that I indicate “BOX SEALED” on the receipt/waybill. That is the first time I had been asked to do so in ten years. The men that delivered boxes to me when I lived in Manila just asked for my signature, and then took my photo with the box.

This time, here in Davao, I was NOT asked to pose for a photo with the box. I even asked them if they were not going to take my picture with the box as usual, but they said NO they did not do that here.

There are Items missing from the box, as you can see from this conversation I had with my aunt on facebook. (see attached image)

Missing are 1 unit of Nintendo DS game system (blue) with several cartridges, in its own pouch and a Sony video camera.

This is so very disappointing, after decades of impeccable service.

I imagine you cannot do anything about this in the way of recovering the missing items.

But what you should look into are the people who now serve you here, from Manila to Davao, and all the third-party (if any) shippers that you employ when you forward boxes to places other than Manila.

I do not know who those third parties are, and frankly no one would care.

I only know this was shipped through Bayani Commercial, in whom we are now greatly disappointed.

Sad experience with Bayani Commercial shipping to Davao

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  1. ❓ hi I am Apryle I just wanted to ask if you have any Philippine number of this Bayani Commercial? I’ve been checking lot but i didnt get any chAnce Of seeing one..I want to track my package.

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