I’ve never been skimpy on advice whenever I’m asked. When I’m not asked I just keep quiet, even when I feel the situation calls for it. I only speak when I am spoken to in such situations.

However I have had two friends who have asked for help and, despite a teacher’s warning that it’s better to sell what I know than to share it, I decided to go ahead and help, mainly because these two friends are now far away from where I am. Actually I’m the one who moved away but that’s another story.

I’ve taken to photography as a hobby, and one of the areas I focused on is product photography and the various ways that good, catalog quality photos of food and other products can be made at the least cost. A lot of my friends have seen my work and have often asked how I did them, but two friends in particular run their own stores online and have been in need of good product shots of their items for sale.

MakeupHOLICSOne of them is Cute7teen who maintains an online store on Multiply, as well as several other stores on Facebook. She is also Makeupholics on Facebook. Just a few weeks ago she asked me which lightbox setup she needed to buy to make product shots of her wares. I told her she needed nothing that would cost more than a McDonalds meal. Well, a large McDonalds meal =) With a bit of online coaching through chat and samples, she now shoots her own products with eBay quality catalog photos.

Deseño Issofino

The other is Deseño Issofino, who also maintains a Facebook page. Deseño Issofino is run by a good friend and brother Mason from Cebu. I used to do his product shoots for him in return for his bringing the most sumptuous of lunches over to the house, care of that Chinese restaurant across Naia 1, Yang Chow, if I’m not mistaken. Now with a bit of online coaching, Deseño Issofino is ready to make his own product shoots, and for less than he would spend on a good lunch for three people.

There are hundreds of links and photos on Google and Google images on how product photography can be done in less than it costs to spend for a good meal. The emphasis should be on the lighting, product arrangement, and good output. Besides, no one will ask them how they got their catalog photos. Except of course, if those asking them want to take their own 😀

Sharing is Caring =)

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