Reviewed at, the new USB high speed internet modem from SMART Communications looks promising. Head on over there now to have a look-see at my first impressions while using this new offering from SMART.

SMARTBro’s 4G HSPDA+ Plugit

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2 thoughts on “SMARTBro’s 4G HSPDA+ Plugit

  1. mabilis ba siya? i mean intermittent ba siya? kasi eto gamit ko now, dito ako sa smart, 8.57 mbps speed pero di ako sure kung intermittent and connection nila

  2. Hi Athena,

    It’s surprisingly fast from where I am here in Davao … but … when it rains (and this is something I have been observing for the past few days) the signal and speed seem to drop.

    Of course you can reap full benefit from the plugit only if you are near an HSPA+ cellsite. Otherwise, you still get plain 3G.

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