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One of the best things Maia likes about her new school are the swingsets in the play area. You’d be surprised how some schools in Manila never have these play areas for their students. There are schools that are actually just an ordinary residential apartment with bedrooms converted into classrooms, and absolutely no play area at all. I admit my younger son and my daughter have gone to such schools in their time.

However, having moved to the “province” has proven that everything here (like Texas) is big. The schools are bigger, the campuses are as well. Fruit, food servings and play areas are all big in the province. In the province public schools have football fields.

Having said that I now wonder why the Manila in Luzon is often referred to as the Big City …

Maia’s New School

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One thought on “Maia’s New School

  1. hello, bambit!

    kakapagtaka nga no bat tinaguriang Big City ang Manila e lahat naman halos ng parte dito e masikip. ha ha

    ngayon lang uli bumisita. 😀

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