I’m starting to think that a kubaton key chain may be as effective as mace, although there is that tiny thing about being close to one’s attacker. I’m too scaredy for that, but then anything that can be substituted for a gun always gets my interest.

A Kubotan (often misspelled as kubaton) was developed as a tool for police officers to restrain suspects without permanent injury. Its popularity began in the mid-1970s when Kubota first brought the weapon to the attention of the LAPD and began schooling female officers in its application. It is often touted as extremely effective in breaking the will of unruly suspects with painful locks and pressure point strikes. Because of that the Kubotan is also sometimes dubbed the ‘instrument of attitude adjustment’. In some law enforcement and security circles it is known as “The Persuader”.

It kinda reminds me of the prods the accupressure people use at the Blessed Pedro Calungsod Alternative Healing Center…

This tiny tool packs a wallop–in the right hands

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