I remember having heaved a sigh of relief about a month or so ago, when I learned that my iPhone 3GS 16gb phone was among the lucky devices that were to benefit from iOS 6 when it was released. Having owned a 2g before, I know how it is to be no longer supported by the manufacturer, as well as the third parties who would rather write for newer devices than maintain support versions for older ones.

Now that iOS 6 is out, and that I am now seeing and experiencing most of the stuff that Apple had been bragging about with this software upgrade, I would like to list down the features that I think are most useful to me, with the way I use my iDevices.

First off, I have an iPhone 3GS 16gb, and an iPad 3, which apple likes to call “The New iPad.” Personally I would rather call this iteration of the iPad the “iPad 3” just to avoid any confusion with the previous versions, and any other newer version in future.

take the plunge

For a complete list of devices supported by iOS 6, see this list and the corresponding features on the About.com website.

You can jump right into the upgrade Over The Air or OTA as it’s called, from your device. Go to Settings > Software Update and you will see the screen above on your iDevice.

What to expect

A long wait. Apple’s servers are inundated with requests for the updates, and a lot depends on the speed of your internet connection.

Errors. Because of the traffic. Because you may have jailbroken your device and some installed apps are blocking apple’s servers. Because you may have used an app, even without jailbreaking, that is blocking Apple’s servers, like TinyUmbrella. For cases like these you might be better off updating from iTunes.

Turn blue from holding your breath. Once the download has been completed, it will be prepared and verified. This part took around 30min to a little under an hour in the cases that I know of, including my own.


Smile. Once it reboots and you see the huge letters that read iOS6 on your screen, and the silver slider with the changing languages that mean “Configure” you are now a few screens away from the spanking new iOS 6 and it’s 200 updates and improvements. Or so they say.

In the following days I will be writing a short post on each of the new and/or improved features brought about by the new iOS that I feel are most useful. I am a blogger, a photographer, a web developer, a mother and a wife, and I use my iPhone and iPad to make being all of that easier.

This post was written using the updated WordPress App for the iPad running iOS 6.

Updating to iOS 6

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