I miss Wednesdays. It used to be that time of the week when I got out from under the shadow of whatever it was I had been doing and saw a glimmer of what I might have become had I made a few different choices along the way.

Wednesdays were the days when I would climb out of my corporate skin and be real, confident, inquisitive, appreciative, and truly thankful of the chance to be so. Wednesdays were “me” days, and it wasn’t even a full day, but a mere few hours after work, about the time it takes for me to wind down and walk to the bus stop for the ride home.

Wednesdays were breathing days. Wednesdays reminded me I was human. Wednesdays reminded me that there was more to life than just contracts, code, pixels and f-stops.

Wednesdays were windows of revelations that opened early in the evening and closed as soon as I went home. I admit I would be sad whenever the light from outside would shut out. But as soon as my eyes got used to the light inside the room I would appreciate what was it in even more.


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