Until recently my workspace has been made up of several tables of different origins and ages, supporting various articles which I consider essential to what I do. Lately I have admitted to myself that most of those articles were useless junk.

I had also realised that there must be a better way to arrange things in this window-area that faces west, the only spot in the house were I can setup my stuff and not get in the way of everyone else.

Here’s how my workspace looked like since we moved here in April this year.

Workspace 0.0

Terrible, I know. But you had to see this so I could show you what I changed to get Workspace 1.0. The tables on the left and the middle I bought to hold my laptop and the printer, to fit a very small apartment that we lived in prior to this house. The one on the right is a holdover from our Iligan days, 8 years ago. It’s been our computer table for the past three houses. It doesn’t even hold a computer anymore, just junk that I need to have on hand, and a non-working cpu tower.

So, to get Workspace 1.0 I needed to get rid of all of that, and replace it with something more streamlined. A couple of years ago I had seen these white foldable picnic tables with the brand “Lifetime” which were also very reasonably priced for its apparent durability. I couldn’t find them in the places where I looked here in Davao, but I did find reasonable alternatives.

I also had to get rid of the curtains that the wind kept blowing into my external monitor. I could not leave the window uncovered though, because the afternoon sun shines brightly through it. So I thought, venetian blinds. And it was also time to get rid of the single computer chair that had a half broken caster.

There was also the issue of storage, because having my junk all over the place was driving my husband nuts. Since this was going to be v1.0 I opted for stackable plastic bins with covers and wheels. The classy cardboard bins will have to wait until v2.0.

So after about an hour or two of installing the blinds myself, with the help of my trusty second son and the encouragement from my youngest daughter, moving tables, tying cables and wiping table tops, we now have this: Workspace 1.0.

Workspace 1.0

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2 thoughts on “Workspace 1.0

  1. did you buy those tables? i see that it’s not one whole table but at first sight it looks like it is.

    i plan to have just one table for two sets of computer and the peripherals. i think i need to junk the printer as it’s not been used for a long time.

    still on the planning stage though.

    btw, i love the new workspace. 😀

  2. Thanks, Bing. Yep, bought the tables, they’re imitations of the Lifetime brand. 2 folding tables that unfold to 4ft in width, so we have about 8ft of workspace for two laptops and a printer. With a bit more room for a second display for the second laptop, if ever 🙂

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