I have just recently learned how to use Twitter. And since apparently a few companies have setup their Twitter accounts as frontline support contacts, I appreciated the instant response one can get when having to deal with after sales support.

Recently though, a few telco subscribers have begun complaining about data and bandwidth capping done by apparently all telcos who provide data services, both pre and post paid.

In the case of Globe Telecoms, an 800mb/day cap has been implemented on pre-paid mobile surfing. This capping is mentioned in their Fair Usage Policy (FUP), and the subscriber gets a text message when he has met his 800mb limit for the day. As a result, the subscriber can no longer use his mobile device to surf the internet until after midnight, when the counter resets. While this may seem oppressive for some, I actually welcome the transparency with which Globe has handled this capping issue.

However, the OTHER telco, Smart Communications/PLDT Home who run SMARTBro Canopy, have implemented their capping in a more enigmatic manner. I tweeted my concern to them after my connection has slowed down to a mere 20kbps/sec when my subscribed speed is 1mbps. A call to *1888 revealed that I had indeed used up my allowable volume for the month. When I asked PLDTHome for the actual allowable volume amount, this is what they answerd:

Which is of course a load of crap, because if it is more than enough, why are users being capped?

If they don’t reveal what the actual cap amount is, how are people going to know that they are legally being capped?

Is this entire capping exercise even legal at all?

I’m making it my Twitter battle to force SMART and PLDT to clean up their act and put actual numbers in their FUP.

Battle Mode: ON

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