I have not had the chance to travel by air or public transport with any of my pets, but I am looking at how-to’s in case the need should arise. One of the good reads I found was an article by PAWS Director and Canine Expert Elsie Araneta, who at the time of writing has traveled with her pet Sheba to Cebu and also to Davao. Part of her advice reads:

  • Dogs and cats need to be in hard shell or wire crates.
  • Hard shell crates must have steel bolts or cap screws to keep the top and bottom shells together
  • The wire door must have a crate bowl clipped on to facilitate watering and feeding without need for opening the door. It should also have a lock or must be secured with cable ties just before the pets are taken for loading.
  • The crate must be large enough for your pet to sit and stand up in, and to turn around in.

Personally I prefer a varikennel but I must admit I find them too expensive. I would also need to train my dogs to get into one, as they have never had the experience of being in one. Come to think of it, unless I have my own van I don’t think I can ever travel across the country with my dogs.

Traveling with Pets

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One thought on “Traveling with Pets

  1. reminded me of Patty, the pure white cat we had who got lost when we transferred to Maginoo St (this is during the elementary days). we never found him. my father put him in a sack and when we got to our new home and after opening the sack, Patty jumped and ran berserk.

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